Hi guys! I am Darren King of Fitness. How are you doing? It is a quick video and I am about to leave Denver, Colorado.

All the things here are big and all the sugar…Just an example for this video. See this sugary shitty soft drinks. The brain gets attached to the sugar so bad. Break away for that. If you feel that you are a sugar addict, or if you want soda or soft drinks in Australia, or you need chocolates, it is too acidic for the body guys. Share this around please. We need to educate people.  We don’t want to get diabetes or get sick.

Seriously, we need to do something about this. It is ridiculous. It is getting bigger and bigger. Let us back up the sugar. We’ve watched a good film. Darrell is amazing and does a good work with me. Connect with me if you do not know him. He is here with Denmark. Anyway I am going to leave and if you need to overcome any of the stuff let us know and  I will catch you guys soon. Love yah!

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