Are you making up excuses that you do not have enough time to diet or exercise.

You can do a productive Exercise in only two to three minutes.

You might think that you need an hour or two in the Gym to Exercise, but you can do five minutes and achieve results period. Rather than doing nothing at all, you can do a little each day, We are going to  do some Dips and push-ups for a few minutes.

I am going to do one hand and you go with two handed Push-ups. All you need is a chair. We’ll see how it goes with this. It is a little bit tricky that I do not have a stand on it and I will use one hand (counting). Then we are going to swap hands. You do it with two hands. So, that is twenty.

Next, I will do push-ups. If you want a little bit more of a challenge go for the forty. Forty dips and twenty push-ups. We will do half the push-ups of the dips. So, here we go. It gets a bit strong to scale your knees. Work a little bit more on your thighs. We’ll do it quick and I do not want to miss the plane. So that is it for now. I feeling the sweat and feeling strong already. I am going to have a rest on the plane. I have a twelve hour trip to Hong kong. See you soon! Remember to click the link below for the next full video and schedule a call with me. I am going to plan ahead. Cheers bud.

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