Do you rush into exercise and diet plans only to find out that you CRASH and burn and never get anywhere

You see so many of us fitness people filling you with hope, but really you don’t believe in us, do you?

You look at me and you think right away there is no way I could be that fit or that healthy.

BUT you know that you can hardly breathe when you walk up a flight of stairs, or you can not even keep up with your kids when they are running around playing in the yard.

Even me, as fit as I am now, I once had an ex-girlfriend who started to point out that I was gaining weight. I started to believe her, and I gained more weight. Why are we always so ready to believe those who are telling us we are falling apart, but when I tell you and I mean this that YOU CAN BE FIT. That you can change how you THINK and see the world, you throw me away. What if you had just a little bit more confidence in yourself and your body’s ability to change? We are all born the same, think about it, and believe me when I tell you your body is always ready to make changes. Now I am not going to SHOCK you or YELL at you or be your “Biggest Loser” Judge.


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