Hey guys, Darren King of Fitness. I am here and we will talk about the benefits of Walking today. I often doing a walk on Australia but I  am doing  a walk in London right now. I’ve been traveled the world and it is fantastic. I’ve done a lot of walking. I will tell you the benefits for you of doing walking. You probably know some of the benefits. If you do great. You will get some fresh air.

You will learn something new on what you knew currently. So we’ll check out the views before we will get into it. Beautiful scenery here in London.

So benefits of walking is to experience the views. – Whether you are in your backyard or whether you are exploring the world. Walking is free. You can say hello to people. People will respect you when you do walking especially early in the morning. Reminds me in back from Australia.

So anyway the benefits. So, We got it is free, you meet great people, it is beautiful scenery, and the organs love it. You will get fresh air in. If you do it in a hot climate make sure you are hard ready. For every 1 Liter is twenty-five kgs of body weight. There is fifty-five pounds on twenty-five kgs. I am not sure how much gallons that is.

So, what are other benefits do we have. It alcolize you. Some people might not know this but if you are over exhaust you become more acidic. If you know someone that is not use to that you can make some baby steps, just do five minutes of walking in Seven days. Do it something small and frequently.

So, what else is the benefit. It reduces body fats. If you want to heat some kilos, It helps them as well. So I want to show you again I did a forty minute walk here in London. Especially early in the morning you will get great results. Burning some calories throughout  the day.

So I am Darren King of Fitness. I will talk to you later at some stage. Have a full activity down below. Jot down below. Most people gets results on Planning. You can plan your food and exercise. It helps you mentally as well which is the three main thing I talked about; Psycholody, ____Nutrition. You can plan and get amazing results. I will see you on the next video.


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